Upcoming Workshops

Andrea’s Workshops

B-RAW:  Basics of Really Awesome Wholefoods

An introduction to raw foods and their preparation.  Learn about wholefoods and the importance of incorporating them into your lifestyle.  How to make Green and Superfood Smoothies, surprising facts about water and salt, how to open a coconut without breaking a nail (or resorting to a hammer!), the benefits of soaking and sprouting nuts and seeds, and how to prepare highly nutritious salads, dips and guilt-free sweets in less time than it takes to prepare a cooked meal.

ST- RAW:  Raw Sweets and Treats

Guilt free sweets and treats for the health conscious, vegan, sugar, fat, dairy, gluten free.

D-RAW:  Dehydrating     

Learn how to use your dehydrator to its fullest potential, how to dehydrate foods for long term usage and storage, and using leftover waste from juicing etc…

E-RAW:  Easy Raw Meals

All about busting the myth that preparing healthy raw meals is time consuming and complicated.  Learn how quick and easy it is to make meals and snacks in far less time than it takes to prepare, cook and clean up after a conventional meal.

I-RAW:  Ice creams, Sorbets and other dairy free Frozen Desserts     

Experience the fun of home-made icy treats using nut milks, and fruit and coconut bases for all tastes.

C-RAW:  Raw Chocolate 

Experience the joy and bliss of making your own raw chocolate that is sugar, dairy, fat and gluten free.

L-RAW:  Liquids with Life-Force

Juices, Smoothies and Nut Milks.  Learn how to juice for health, get energised with smoothies and the art of making delicious nut milks.

Tim’s Workshops

Fermented Foods and Beverages have been consumed and worshipped by countless cultures around the world for thousands of years. These ancient, health promoting probiotics are packed with billions of healthy, alive, beneficial bacteria that promote and restore health and stimulate your immunity.

In these classes you will be introduced to numerous ferments including: Kvass, Water Kefir, Milk Kefir (whey & cheese), Ginger Beer/Apple & Pear Cider (non-alcoholic), Sauerkraut and Kimchi.

Functional Foods – I

Milk kefir:  The ‘grains are different from the Water Kefir grains in that they ‘eat’ the lactose in the milk and convert it into lactic acid. It has a tart flavour and again can be flavoured to your taste. From the Milk Kefir, you can make whey – which is an excellent ‘starter’ (inoculant) to ‘kick-start’, your ferments. The cheese is delicious.

Kimchi:  This is a traditional Korean delicacy made using chinese cabbage with lots of chilli, ginger and garlic. Probably the most favoured of the fermented foods. It packs a real punch….

Sauerkraut:  Probably the most well known ferment globally. Great to add to every meal. Can be made the traditional way or using jars or a vegie press.

Kvass:  an ancient tonic that originated in the Ukraine. Acts as a digestive aid, blood tonic, blood alkalizer, liver cleanser, promotes regularity and is an excellent Liver Cleanser.

Functional Foods – II 

Water Kefir The ‘grains’ used to make Water Kefir convert the sucrose and fructose into a healthy, delicious beverage. It can be flavoured with most fruits, and makes a very refreshing drink. Just wait til you try it.

Ginger Beer:  By adding the syrup from the Ginger Bug to the Water Kefir you get a tasty ginger flavoured beverage. You will see how to make the Ginger Bug.

Coconut Kefir:   young coconuts are already one of the most nutritious drinks on the planet – packed with enzymes, electrolites, vitamins and minerals. By adding the kefir culture, these properties are taken to a whole new level. A tart, spritzy drink that is very refreshing. 

Apple/Pear Cider:  Using the Water Kefir grains, this is a simple recipe that packs a bit of a punch.


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